Thursday, August 5, 2010

some faces from TV


chromasketch said...

hooray. today's update! anything you'd like to share about your process.. and to draw fast?

norm said...

I would say that, personally, I always try to think about the intent, emotion, or feel of the drawing every second that I'm on it. Overall knowledge about anatomy or perspective should be on the back-burner, for a second pass on it. The only technical aspect I'm considering when "drawing fast" is a clear line if action, staging and silhouette.

Of course, if I'm talking about story boarding a sequence, I've already planned some beats before I go into the actual sequence. So, the staging just gets better because I already know what I'm aiming for.

chromasketch said...

Some more questions.. hope you don't mind.

When you go for line of action, staging, silhouette.. is there a process in which you go through in how you put down your lines?

General to specific? Big overall abstract shapes? or are you putting down lines like a stick man sort of thing? Maybe generic shapes that you build off of?

Lately I've been trying to go down the shape route.. so either I try and draw like a big envelope shape that will encompass all the figures.. or individual abstract shapes for each element.. any more thoughts on this?

In terms of staging, do you have anything you do to practice that? How do you get better at staging/composition?

Anonymous said...

where do you find the time to do so many drawings?