Monday, June 1, 2009

born into brothels

quick sketch done while watching  the documentary "Born Into Brothels".


Tapan Gandhi said...

wow.. so simple yet so powerful. my sister just watched that doc and she recommended it to me.

great sketch!

Saud Boksmati said...

even though ur far away ur still awesome ;)

Joe Karg said...

THis image is full of life and attitude brother. Nice.


DreamActivist said...

Born Into Brothels Kids Sue Filmmakers! (Calcutta newspaper, August 2008)

Yes, it's true.

Born Into Brothels is a story of lies, half truths, distortions and exploitation. I invite you to read the newest blog and numerous other articles written on the hidden story behind the Hollywood-blessed "documentary." You read, you decide. It's your call.

The blog can be found at